1:44pm October 21, 2014


King Gavin + “liege”

1:44pm October 21, 2014


Gavin and Michael excited to have Ryan in the office [x]

1:43pm October 21, 2014


Ryan you’re a creepy motherfucker.

From this in the Credits Let’s Build Part 2

1:42pm October 21, 2014
No, see, you just don’t want people to know that you are.
1:31pm October 21, 2014

“If I die tell everyone I know to go fuck themselves.”

— Michael Jones (via rat-dj)
12:58pm October 21, 2014

"Hey, Ryan, did you just crack your phone for shits and giggles one day?" [x]

12:56pm October 21, 2014

Achievement Hunter Catchphrases - Literally everything Ray says ever (and regrets immediately)

Requested by raysnarvaezjr

12:56pm October 21, 2014


Gavin: Ryan has the most kids out of anyone in this room
Geoff: I would argue that I have 4 or 5
Michael: Most kids don’t like not become yours at 5pm
Geoff: No, you’re all still mine

Me: *heart shatters in to a million pieces (in a good way)*

10:37pm October 20, 2014
10:32pm October 20, 2014


She taught him how to  f e e l

if you don’t think they wrote this to illustrate what Beth taught Daryl, you need to work on your comprehension skills